"Smoking will kill you, you know."  Dash pointed out, although the rest of the conversation sort of fell to deaf ears.  Even if he wasn’t really the brightest person in the world, he knew that you couldn’t really blame the world for your problems. Of course, someone as unstable and clearly pissed off as Buddy Pine wouldn’t listen to that logic, and Dash really didn’t care to try.  No use in trying to reason with a raging sociopath, right?  He had enough trouble dealing with normal people on a regular basis, let alone someone who was crazy and probably still harbored a grudge against him. 

"Probably because Tony Stark hasn’t gone all homicidal and killed a bunch of supers just to get revenge on the guy that jilted him once."  Dash replied with a shrug of his shoulders.  "Tony Stark uses his inventions for good…now at least.  I mean, sure he was making weapons and stuff for a while, but at least he changed."  Because Dash didn’t believe Buddy’s sudden redemption story.  Not only because he was just now hearing of it, but because he also just deeply mistrusted the person standing before him.  "And you killed countless supers for no reason other than personal vendetta.  So yeah, you can make some pretty wicked stuff, but that doesn’t make it for good use, and good always defeats evil." 

"Better than your super power.  Whining is out this year, haven’t you heard?  I think that Captain I’m-A-Whiny-Ass is still an available name, if you want it?"


At this point, Buddy had to physically bite down on the inside of his cheek to stop himself from reaching out and killing the annoying teenager right then and there. He wanted to just walk away, turn his back on the kid, and never look back. He knew that’s what he should be doing, but his cockiness just wouldn’t allow him to. He couldn’t just drop a conversation with someone who was fighting to get the upperhand on him. No, not a chance. If Dash wanted to sit there and argue, Buddy was going to force him to listen to everything he wanted to say.

"Let me ask you a question, Dashiel," he said, his voice coming out much calmer than before as his icy eyes stared to look at the bustling street before them. "You’re a hero, right? You save the city, protect the world from and wrongdoings," he waved his hand, flicking his cigarette ashes onto the contrete below. "But let’s go down memory lane for a second. I’m sure you remember that day clearly. There I was, your little brother in my arms, determined to get back at your family once and for all…"

He, of course, paused for dramatic effect before continuing on, “And your father decides to throw his luxury vehicle at my aircraft. Now, Dash. Think about this for a moment,” he said, turning his gaze back to the teenager. “Don’t you think that throwing a car at an airplane will, no doubt, make that plane explode and tumble to the ground below, killing everyone inside?”

Buddy paused again, straightening his posture before flicking his cigarette to the ground. “I thought heroes were supposed to protect people. Your father tried to kill me that day. So what if it was out of vengeance, a Hero tried to murder someone.”

The billionaire nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders. “So I killed a few people. I’m paying my dues for that,” he lied, “Trying to get back on good terms with people. But isn’t trying to murder someone just as morally wrong as what I did? So, really, what are you guys trying to defend her? Your kind is just as bad as I was.”

Anonymous: So how long did it take for you to get used to your...well...'new' limbs? 

"New limbs? These are the same limbs I’ve always had. I have no idea what you’re talking about."

Months. I’m still getting used to them, still enhancing them… It’s a real blast…

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[[So, after some crazy random happenstances, I sort of ended up creating a modern!disney roleplay, affiliated with our lovely group here. Feel free to check it out if you guys want.

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    ❝  Somewhere

                            Down  the  [ l i n e]

                   I lost that part of me

                            that’s [ p u r e ]    

Dad always said our powers were nothing to be ashamed of; our powers made us special.

Anonymous: Maaaaybe this mysterious stranger would like to fight. Maaaaaaybe this mysterious stranger wants to talk. Maaaaaaaaaybe this mysterious stranger is just bored half to death *lightly throws a paper ball at your face from an unseen location* 

"…Okay, yeah I have absolutely no idea what’s going on."


i want people

                           to  r e m e m b e r

                                                                   y nam e



"To be fair, I was eight when you decided to go all insane and hunt my dad down and laughingly try to kill my entire family.  I had other interests besides news at the time."  Still does, as a matter of fact.  He’s not stupid, by any stretch of the imagination, and he has a feeling that Buddy Pine is just annoyed by his presence and attempting to annoy him back.  Of course, Dash knows how to be an irritant, probably much better than the other man. 

"So I had other things going on and my parents probably shielded me from the information because I was pretty ticked off about someone trying to kill my family.  I’d just been given the a-okay to use my powers whenever I wanted for the sake of the greater good and you being around isn’t in anyone’s best interests, no matter what lies you tell."  He was certain that there were lies in whatever Buddy said.  Even if he was telling the truth about being extremely rich, no one got sucked into a jet engine and came out completely unscathed. 

“Well known fact is that people who actually have someone who lives with them that cares doesn’t grow up to be a psychotic lunatic with a vengeful streak so which of us really lucked out?  I’m sure if your parents were anything decent, you wouldn’t have turned into a homicidal maniac bent on killing a man just because he turned you away as a sidekick when you would have been in the way and completely useless.”  After the incident, Dash had insisted on getting the full story on Buddy, curious as to why he was so hell-bent on revenge against his father.  “Sorry that Incrediboy didn’t work out for you, but that was a pretty stupid name and rocket boots aren’t a super power.”

Placing his cigarette between his lips, lighting the end, Buddy did everything in his power to keep his short temper in check. All he wanted to do at that moment was reach out with his inhuman hand, grab at the boy’s neck, and throw him into the nearest wall. He imagined him beating him to a pulp, leaving him an unrecognizeable mess on the concrete - but he knew he couldn’t do that. Doing anything physically to the Parr kid at that point would be complete suicide for Buddy. If he lay a single finger on him, the NSA would find out about it, he would be shipped off to prison, and his plans for revenge would crumble at his feet within minutes.

Instead, after taking a few inhales of his cigarette, Buddy decided to continue letting off steam by delivering verbal comebacks to every stupid word this kid was saying to him. “For your information, you smug little brat,” he spat at him, removing his cigarette from his lips and flicking away the ashes, “I never knew my father. I didn’t have one. God forbid I try and find someone to look up to. Sue me for trying to find a decent father figure in my life,” he rolled his eyes, really not wanting to get into too much detail about that, but his monologuing ways getting the best of him. “My mother loved me more than anything, but unfotunately,” he groaned, voice full of venom, “She died by the time I was ten years old. Sent to live in an orphanage!” he raged, sticking his cigarette back into his mouth, letting it dangle from the corner of his lip.

"I had a family, but it was taken from me. So, go on. Keep telling me that I didn’t have a loving household. Keep on chatting it up! Go on and tell me everything your stupid, idiotic father told you about my past. I’m sure he has all the facts straight!” Buddy was nearly shouting at this point, thoughts of his childhood and his past failures rushing around him, his hands curling into tight fists.

"And I apologize for not being born with freakish talents. I was blessed with intelligence," he said, trying to calm his voice down, "so I used it to the best of my abilities. But, oh no, I didn’t get recognized for that. But here we have fucking Tony Stark getting fame and glory for everything I did first!

Rolling his eyes, Buddy flicked at his cigarette. “And this is coming from a kid who can run fast? What kind of a dumb power is that?”

"What? You want an autograph or something? You’ve been staring at me for the past three minutes."


Does this mean I finally made it in the cosplay world?
Artwork by the amazingly talented Abe Lopez.

[[Normally I would wait until Munday to post something like this. But this just happened and I’m spazzing out. omg.


Does this mean I finally made it in the cosplay world?

Artwork by the amazingly talented Abe Lopez.

[[Normally I would wait until Munday to post something like this. But this just happened and I’m spazzing out. omg.