[[So so so sorry for my absence, guys. I’ve been incredibly sick the past few days, and my fever FINALLY went down. I was pretty much bed ridden and drugged up on Nyquil for 72 hours. But I’m back, and I’ll get to replies as quickly as I can!

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dizzydaydreamer333: Buddy seems like a real busy-body to me, so I it wouldn't surprise me if he started his day early. But I also feel like it's possible that he'd be annoyed if anyone woke him up at the crack of dawn. What do you think? 

[[Very true. Buddy rarely gets any sleep, as he suffers from intense insomnia. So when he does manage to get sleep, he does not want to be woken up. Unless its something important!


I owe:

  • Kari
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  • Angel

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I promise I’ll get to everything by the end of the weekend.

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[[Haven’t done a “Munday” in months. Just got some new photos from my latest comic convention, and I wanted to show you guys :)

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You sly dog, you got me monologuing!

           ”Name’s Buddy Pine. Founder and CEO of SyndroCorp. Haven’t heard of me? Then clearly you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years. Or, maybe, the name Syndrome sounds a bit familiar, hm? Oh, ho-ho! I piqued your interest now, didn’t I?!”

           M u n :                                                                      M u s e :

           N a m e : Jillian                                                      N a m e : Buddy Lionel Pine
           A g e : 22 years old                                               A g e :  27 years old
           T i m e z o n e : PST                                              P r e  M o v i e  O r  P o s t : 
           E x p e r i e n c e : Roughly                                 Post movie
           3 years
           F u n  F a c t : I’m a cosplayer                            { F O L L O W   M E   H E R E } 
           and epic nerd!                                                      { Proud Moderator of DWRP }




A great starter kit for amateurs to the tumblr’s roleplaying world! A must read!


here you go this is really helpful

Norman Reedus for Hobo Magazine

Norman Reedus for Hobo Magazine

The Lost Hero

[[Shameless self promotion, but my first Synlet pairing is back in action. My indy Violet Parr. Psychotic!Violet, as I would often refer to her.

So, if you like some dark plots, feel free to check her out. We’re starting fresh over there, so you won’t have to catch up on everything!

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  • ⌨ - time-wasting habits

Out of everything Buddy hates in the world (which is quite a lot) one of them would be wasting time. He hates just laying around, doing absolutely nothing. Being the man that he is, he always has some sort of work that needs to be done; whether it be with the NSA, the city, his illegal business, or his social life.

If he does ever have down time, however, he enjoys reading, or grabbing a drink at the local bar.

  • ♫ - singing voice

Buddy isn’t the best singer in the world, but he also isn’t horrifically terrible. He doesn’t sing all too much, though. He would rather put all of his focus onto his work than skip around singing songs.

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